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Unifying the brand of three SaaS products





In 2021 BitTitan had three powerful products with separate portals and marketing websites. As a result, customers were often confused about the company 's brand identity, and not aware of BitTitan's other products.

BitTitan needed a single unified customer experience, and to reduce the strain three siloed brands was putting on the design team. My task was to lead the design team in building a unified visual identity, which would empower BitTitan's growth for years to come.

BitTitan branding cheat sheet
MigrationWiz style variation cheat sheet
Perspectium style variation cheat sheet
Voleer style variation cheat sheet


Strong foundations for a growing brand


Estimated design work-hours on repeat work


Estimated traffic to Perspectium & Voleer products


Estimated unbranded SEO traffic


Estimated improved Bounce Rate

BitTitan's brand update maintained each brand's existing equity as part of a monolithic brand structure. BitTitan was the core entity, with simple color and icon variations for each product.

After I established the foundational elements of the brand, the design team began building a BitTitan Design Language. This system empowered our team to share assets, reduce rework, and outsource projects while maintaining brand cohesion. Brand foundations, graphics use, and core UI components would look and behave the same across all marketing collateral and 20+ BitTitan domains.

Our graphics strategy focused on conveying personal connection and confidence in our products. Graphics prominently featured real customers, ITSP partners, and the BitTitan team members who build & support the products. Mockups of the products themselves were built reusing the components from our new UI kits.

A new website showcased all three products and their value as combined business solutions. This would significantly increase the traffic to our junior products, and unified efforts such as localization and SEO.

UI kit items for PerspectiumUI kit items for MigrationWizUI kit items for Voleer
UI kit items for typographyUI kit items for form fields and selectionsUI kit items for alerts and notifications

One of my tasks for the BitTitan Design Language was building a UI kit to standardize the customer experience across all marketing, product, and support sites.

Presenting the brand update strategy and implementation plan.

Scoping work for branded graphics production

Breaking down the design team's approach to scalable graphic systems.


Cancelled at the 11th hour


Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity."

H Jackson Brown,
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Shortly before launch of the unified brand and website, BitTitan was acquired by a company who was not interested in a scalable design system or global BitTitan brand. The project was cancelled, and some of its assets were incorporated into other projects.

BitTitan's new homepage
BitTitan's new solutions page
BitTitans new voleer how it works page
BitTitan's new perspectum offerings page

The new website brought all three products into a single site, with a first-class CMS built by Rareview

Swag for BitTitan employees

Swag for employees

Pages showing how members of the team can access branding information and common assets

A design Confluence to house our brand guidelines and growing collection of assets.

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