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Converting site visitors into customers


Voleer (BitTitan)



Voleer, an automation platform for IT professionals, provides a suite of tools to automate tasks and expand business impact. Although incredibly powerful, Voleer was having difficulty attracting early adopters.

One of my responsibilities was to build a brand and product website from the ground up, designed to drive signups and sales leads. It needed to standout in the market, yet be flexible enough to evolve as we introduced new product features. Also, the launch needed to correspond with Voleer's official commercial release.


A clean design & simple CMS for rapid iteration

The Voleer brand was built to be clean, confident, and approachable. I made an anthropomorphic mascot central to the brand, standing out from stock graphics used by the competition. Illustrations let us communicate complex ideas to customers and maintain a flexible library of spot and hero graphics.

Voleer was planning a steady rollout of new features and tools, so I built the website in Squarespace's simple CMS. This way the wider team could independently update blogs, landing pages, and marketing copy. I worked with the marketing team to develop a user journey path that drove customers to the content that most interested them. Many visitors were interested in specific automation tools rather than technical details of the platform, so we built a showcase to highlight new and popular tools. We also streamlined the signup process, using deeplink urls to drop new customers directly on the tool that interested them.

Post-launch support required preparing for future releases and optimizing conversions. I implemented a/b testing, GA, and GTM tracking to better understand the signup journey, and empower our marketing team to optimize their campaigns.


Not unlike other startups where you are building the plane while flying, we had challenges getting an abstract concept to resonate with our ideal customer profiles, so we had to create a consumable narrative for our intended audience."

Willie Cash,
GM Voleer

Map of the user journey through the voleer site.

Journey map for two distinct customer types:
1 - IT Service Providers looking to grow their business.
2 - IT professionals searching for a solution to a specific pain point.

Screenshot of a website metrics report using dummy data.

A custom GDS dashboard lets us track traffic sources, behavior, goal conversions, and custom KPIs like tool popularity.

Brand guidance on illustration styleBrand guidance on typographyBrand guidance on logo useBrand guidance on color palette

v1.0 of Voleer's brand guidelines, which would continue to expand as the brand evolved.


Empowering IT professionals with automation


Improved Bounce Rate


Highly engaged traffic


Signups over previous 6 month period

Voleer's official launch was a huge success, with significant increases to top-of-funnel traffic, signup conversions, and sales conversations.

The brand itself was also a success. Voleer received strong brand recognition scores in an independent survey of ITSPs, and the mascot became a team favorite. Over the following months the brand was extended to print collateral, email templates, event booths & swag, sales presentations, support sites, and a UI kit for the product itself.

Hero Illustrations

Using our mascot, I built a library of hero illustrations which anyone on the team could use in their own projects.

Print collateral

Cancellation of in-person events means print collateral got little use.

Cards to show off the developers who build automation tools

Prominently featuring expert tool builders to establish technical confidence.

Spot illustrations

Dozens of spot illustrations and props allowed us to rapidly build new graphics from modular components.

Assessment graphics

Assessment screenshots highlight specific value props for each tool.

Mascot animation

The illustration system made simple character animations easy.

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